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Bruno Di Gregorio settled in Milan in 1963. At the beginning, when he took over the management of a small business passed down to him by his father John, things were none too easy for him. After a few years he chose to put all his efforts into the trade of leather goods, to which he then dedicated 25 years of constant commitment.

Therefore, in 1988, he and his wife Giovanna decided to return to Alba Adriatica, located in an important district for the leather manufacturing industry. Here he set up as a sole trader with the company name "DI GREGORIO PELLETTERIA" which afterwards became the brand name of his produce. Bruno has always had a great spirit of initiative, determination, kindness and unconditional love for his work; these are the qualities that have been handed down in the Di Gregorio family from generation to generation.

Over the years the company has grown remarkably; understanding the needs of the market have pushed the brand further and forward towards a greater emphasis on quality and technological innovation. With his son Giordano entering into the business, Bruno decided to start a new adventure in order to bring in more vigor and functionality to the company.

The DI GREGORIO brand name today is associated with remarkable, high quality and ever evolving production within the fashion leather industry, with business relationships throughout Europe, America and China. Through time and with a great deal of effort and dedication, the company has become a steady presence on the Russian market for years: a very demanding market, requiring constant innovation and care for the product. The company regularly takes part in the most important national and international fairs of the sector.

Employing local workers only, DI GREGORIO manufactures "Classy" leather items and by this expression we mean: high quality, design and well-established craftsmanship are the main features of its produce. Visiting the company, you will be fascinated and totally captivated by all of the processing phases: from creative study to the choice of materials and colors, the cutting, the sewing, not to mention the accessories... The end product is the result of fashion trends combined with personal creativity and impeccable taste which stem from 50 years of experience in the sector.
The DI GREGORIO magical creations combine harmony and elegance to the most rigorous design, adding colour and a youthful feel to a never fading traditional style.

Bruno Di Gregorio
Mrs Andreia Di Gregorio
Giordano Di Gregorio.